At Loknath NDT service, we only emphasize on the quality customer service by understanding our clients’ needs and requirements by meeting their expectation in a productive and cost-effective way. The management at Loknath NDT service is led by the group of experienced and capable people. The experienced and diligent team of professionals contribute their full support as and when the clients’ requirement is needed. Whether its knowledge, resource, time, people, machine or mechanism, it is always equipped for providing NDT solution for the clients. With our best promising service of 24x7x365 with our skilled team, we have emerged as one of the best NDT solution providers in India.

At Loknath family, the team of experienced and capable human resource is the only strategy for the success, which has been mentioned below.


Our Team

PWHT  Technician Eghteen     
PWHT  Trainee Twelve  
RT Site In charge ( B.A.R.C ) Two
Radiographer  ( B.A.R.C ) Three
Trainee Radiographers Eight
UT Technicians ( A.S.N.T Level II )   Three
MPT Technicians ( A.S.N.T Level II )   Two


Our Equipment

Temperature Recorder  RR  21 Nos
Control Panel & Programmer   28 Nos
Heating Coil  SWG – 14  49 Nos
SWG – 12  96 Nos
SWG – 10  35 Nos
Digital Hardness Tester  TH – 130  02 Nos
Attachment Unit    06 Nos
Radiography Camera  Sentinel 880 Delta  01 No
Roli 3 01 No
Tec hops 660   01 No
Thickness Gauge  ETM – 2 DL  04 Nos
MPT Unit  YOKES EF – 1Y  03 Nos
UT Unit  DS – 322 & PX 20 02 Nos
Pocket Dosi Meter      03 Nos
 Radiation Servey Meter  Palsecho 03 Nos
Dencitometer  02 Nos